Lipo-Wächter V2




elektronische 3-Achs Lagestabilisierung für Modellhelikopter


LiPo-Saver V2 - a highend LiPo battery monitoring circuit

Single cell monitoring for Lithium Polymer flight batteries with adjustable threshold voltage. For 2S up to 6S LiPo batteries.

The Lipo-Saver V2 protects Lithium Polymer batteries from low voltage by optical and acoustical alert. To measure the cell voltages, the Lipo-Saver V2 is simply connected to the balancing connector of the battery. If connected, the voltage of each single cell is monitored by a microcontroller. As soon as one or more cells fall under a certain threshold voltage, a bright LED and a very loud piezo-buzzer advise the pilot against the empty battery. The threshold voltage is adjustable in a range from 2,9V to 3,9V. This allows a user-defined discharge condition of the battery.

Detailed description:

The very first action of the saver is the cell number detection. Example: When a 3S Lipo is in use, three small leds are flashing. After flashes of the detected cells the saver shows for a short time the voltage of the most deeply discharged cell. This voltage is displayed in 0.1V steps between 3.5 V and 4V with the small leds. These so-called "battery full indicator" allows a simply check whether the inserted battery is full, half full or empty. If all six small leds shine (cell voltage above 4V) the battery is fully charged. If only the first small led shines, the voltage is lower than 3.5V (empty battery). This scale beside the small leds is ONLY for the "battery full indicator". Don't confound it with the scale around the potentiometer.

As from now the saver is in the "saver mode". The threshold voltage is set up with the potentiometer. If the cell voltage falls under the threshold voltage, the corresponding small led turns on. If the voltage stays low for a few seconds, the sound and the big led will turn on.


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